Forget everything you know about energy suppliers

Tibber replaces your power supplier with an app – so both our planet and your wallet will last longer.

Is Tibber is available in your country?


Is Tibber is available in your country?

Tibber makes your electricity bill smaller

Lower prices

Buy electricity smarter with the Tibber app and use your electricity during the cheapest hours.
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Lower consumption

Lower your electricity usage with smart analyses of your home an tecknology that lowers your consumption.
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Smart charging

The cost of electricity often differs as much as 30% during a 24-hour period. This is why Tibber has made it possible to charge your electric car when the price is low.

Weather data

Tibber utilizes weather forecasts and outdoor temperatures to calculate how much, or rather how little, energy is needed to keep the indoor temperature as you like it, and then buys that energy when the prices are low.

Standby mode

Put your home in standby mode whenever you travel. It will automatically return to your preferred comfort temperature before you are back.

Maximize your own production

By heating your water or charging your car when the sun shines, Tibber helps you make the most out of power from your rooftop solar panels.

Proactive heating

With machine learning, Tibber assesses how your home is constructed, its thermal mass, and how well insulated it is - then we lower your monthly bill by altering your home’s heating to hours when the cost of electricity is at its lowest.

The best choice for the planet and your wallet

Electric intelligence calculates how little energy your home actually needs. Our algorithms utilize data about your home while assisting you in controlling energy and heating. The end result is an energy bill being far better for our planet and for your wallet.

Is Tibber available in your country?